Project Description

T-SQL Toolbox is a MS SQL Server database with a set of handy utilities for T-SQL database developers.

Modules and Features


A set of UDFs and configuration data for extended datetime handling, e. g. it offers easy timezone conversion incl. support for daylight saving times using native T-SQL (no CLRs).

The following UDFs are available right now:

  • UDF_ConvertLocalToLocalByTimezoneId
  • UDF_ConvertLocalToLocalByTimezoneIdentifier
  • UDF_ConvertLocalToUtcByTimezoneId
  • UDF_ConvertLocalToUtcByTimezoneIdentifier
  • UDF_ConvertUtcToLocalByTimezoneId
  • UDF_ConvertUtcToLocalByTimezoneIdentifier
  • UDF_GetFirstWeekdayInMonth
  • UDF_GetLastWeekdayInMonth
  • UDF_GetStartOfDay
  • UDF_GetEndOfDay
  • UDF_GetStartOfMonth
  • UDF_GetEndOfMonth
  • UDF_GetStartOfQuarter
  • UDF_GetEndOfQuarter
  • UDF_GetStartOfWeek
  • UDF_GetEndOfWeek
  • UDF_GetStartOfYear
  • UDF_GetEndOfYear

Further modules and features will follow soon...
If you have any new feature request just let us know. You can simply use this discussion thread...

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